India Club of Laguna Woods Village

Who we are

Our story is the typical immigrant story! Being the first generation of immigrants from India, and now retired, we are looking for a few years of enjoyment after those many years of hard work! At Laguna Woods Village, we are blessed with a magical ambience which makes it easy for us to unite with one and all and experience different cultures at the numerous clubs that we have! We are the Indian Americans who embrace our distinctiveness and heritage, yet we belong to many different gatherings. We are a little club with large dreams! Once a month, we meet to have a good time where the goal is to get a feeling of one large family, and return home with a belly full of tasty Indian food and a heart full of joy!

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Hello, my name is Lorna Ryan. Here is My Story:

A Tapestry of Heritage: A Life Journey of Evolution and Resilience

The journey of my life, woven through the tapestry of diverse cultures, experiences, and challenges, reflects the essence of resilience, adaptability, and continual growth. Born into a family as rich in diversity as it is in love, my roots stretch across continents, embracing the hues of Tobago, Indigenous Arawak, Africa, and Scotland. Raised amidst the backdrop of Trinidad’s vibrant culture, I imbibed the values of discipline and determination from my grandparents and godparents, who instilled in me the importance of education and excellence.

The untimely departure of significant family members during my formative years marked a pivotal turning point, steering me toward self-discovery and determination. Despite societal
norms and constraints, I chose to carve my destiny, transcending barriers and embracing opportunities with unwavering resolve.

Though unconventional, marriage at a tender age was a testament to my commitment to family and responsibility. However, the realization dawned that true fulfillment lies in pursuing one’s
dreams and aspirations. I was driven by the desire for a better future for my children and myself, so I embarked on a journey to the United States, leaving behind the familiar shores of

Pursuing education became my beacon of hope, guiding me through the labyrinth of challenges, from humble beginnings in domestic work to ascending the academic ladder at esteemed institutions such as NYU, Rutgers University, and Fordham University. I was employed at Verizon (AT&T / NYT) for twenty-five years, and each milestone and distinguished award reinforced my belief in the transformative power of knowledge & perseverance.

Parallel to my academic endeavors, I embarked on a distinguished military career, breaking barriers as the first African American NCO in the US Army Military Guard and later achieving the
rank of Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force Air Guard. These experiences honed my leadership skills and ignited a passion for service and excellence. 

As a mother, I sought to provide my children with opportunities for growth and enrichment, transcending the confines of conventional education. Boarding school education imbued them with independence, resilience, and a thirst for knowledge, laying the foundation for their future endeavors. I am proud of their achievements; they married. My son lives in Tustin, and my
daughter lives in East Brunswick, NJ.

Retirement beckoned a new chapter defined by a commitment to humanitarian causes and community service. Armed with an International Human Rights Certificate from NYU, I embarked on a mission to effect change, advocating for human rights through my involvement as an observer with a UN Human Rights NGO.

I navigated diverse terrains, from corporate landscapes at TSTT(Trinidad and Tobago Telecom) to the intricacies of airline systems engineering at BWIA. Eventually, my journey came full circle as I embraced the role of an educator at the University of West Indies, imparting knowledge and wisdom to future generations. 

I returned to the US in 2005 and was employed at Human Health Ins as a Disease Manager for three years. Then, I moved to Laguna Woods. Reflecting on a life replete with triumphs and tribulations, I am humbled by the unwavering support of loved ones, mentors, and employers who have been instrumental in shaping my journey. As I look towards the horizon, guided by the beacon of hope and fueled by a relentless pursuit of growth and fulfillment, I embrace the future with optimism and gratitude, cherishing the legacy I leave for generations to come.

India Club was recently honored and we are beaming with pride